Schools, Colleges and Universities

Multiplay has worked with a range of educational facilities to deliver play, sport and interactive equipment, from individual pieces of equipment to full Exergaming concept rooms.

utilise underused areas

Learning facilities often have underused areas such as squash courts or sports buildings that could attract increased activity from students as well as those local in their communities. Have you though about installing a timed ninja course, or trampolines? Perhaps climbing walls or interactive fitness equipment.

The most popular solution for schools we have provided are the installation of climbing walls. Whether in the sports hall or outside in the playground. Stand alone walls, traverse walls, roped climbing walls, bouldering walls or walls with auto belays, we have designed, manufactured and installed them all into schools, colleges and universities. Additionally, we will route set to keep users challenged and the climbing varied.

increase usage, drive revenue.

All our solutions are tailored to ensure enjoyment, increased usage and interaction whilst driving revenue to get a return on investment through a strong business case.

Is your educational facility looking to attract greater usage outside of your facility? Do you want your students to engage more in physical activity? Could you drive more revenue by renting out your space or activities to the local communities? What products and activities are needed to do this? Multiplay can advise and help.

Some ideas for repurposing space for underused areas have included us installing bouldering walls into an old squash court. As a non traditional sport, some children that didn’t participate in usual sports found this to be really engaging and fun. It also gave the school the ability to hire the climbing wall space out on weekends and evenings providing an excellent return on investment.

Indoor ideas

  • climbing walls
  • interactive gym
  • iDance 2
  • interactive game projection units
  • interactive walls
  • trampolines
  • ninja courses
  • obstacle courses
  • air bags
  • play structures
  • inflatables
  • jump towers
  • sensory rooms
  • reaction walls
  • exergaming rooms

outdoor ideas

  • climbing walls
  • parkour courses
  • ninja courses
  • playgrounds
  • rubber crumb / wet pour flooring
  • play frames
  • slides
  • swings
  • fitness equipment

On a smaller scale, getting kids more active is necessary not just in schools but in the wider community. Multiplay have provided reaction walls like tWall to keep students active and exercising in a fun way.

The tWall is a reaction trainer light wall. It is simple yet challenging as the user has to deactivate the touch wall lights as soon as it appears. The motivation of the ‘games’ appeals to all ages and ability levels. Whether training for power, agility, endurance, or reaction, the Twall
is the ultimate fitness gaming platform. Adding competition through timing or 2 player mode helps with students returning to beat their scores or their opponents. Sensory rooms for schools with special needs is another area that Multiplay have supplied equipment into and specialise in. Let us design an attractive and appealing space, tailored to your students needs. Padded walls, interactive mood lighting, bubble tubes, soft play, fibre optics, tactile panels are just some of the equipment we can provide.

endless possibilities for your schools

If your a school in need of some ideas for your underused space or to help get your student
active, please get in touch today.

how the process works


Initial consultation

Upon introduction, our first concern is trying to understand the client's vision and expectations. We can then use of expertise to enhance that vision and also try to predict any possible pitfalls. Budgets will be discussed at this stage and we're often in a position to point our clients in the direction of required services such as project finance or even help in finding a suitable location. Once a trust relationship is established, our clients feel confident to proceed with their consultation with a view to engaging our services.

Bespoke Design and Planning

Whether a client decides to proceed with us or not, our design services are typically offered at no cost and we're quite flexible with regard to the number of revisions that we can provide. For those clients who have chosen to contract with us, design modifications are never charged and revisions are not limited. We're happy to work with you until you're totally satisfied with the final drawings.


As the project begins to pick up speed, the first real challenges will come on the production side. This may be due to the physical constraints of the client's facility or the creation of some non-standard feature. Whatever the challenge, our team of engineers and designers are well equipped to solve the problem with minimal impact upon timescales and budgets. Whether we manufacture here in the UK or in our factory abroad, we maintain the same high quality throughout the manufacturing process.


Once the installation stage begins, the project is often at its most hectic. From managing the installation team, hiring heavy machinery, waste management, last minute supply side issues and more, it's possible to lose control of the project. Our experience really counts at this stage and we're proud of our reputation as being able to deliver large-scale projects to very tight timescales.


It's not possible to operate a facility without encountering some damage to equipment of even having to deal with general wear and tear. Aside from our generous warranty terms, we offer flexible and low cost repair and maintenance solutions when warranties expire. We're responsive and prepared to work during the hours when your facility is closed so as not to disrupt your business. Our goal is to keep your equipment safe and functional from the point of installation and well into the future.

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Our services include equipment manufacturing/production, equipment installation (and extraction) as well as maintenance and repairs. We also provide consultancy services worldwide and a full turnkey solution (Multiplay 360°) for UK based clients.

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We specialise in designing, building and supplying fun activities for location based FECs and it's not just trampoline parks! We also supply climbing walls, soft play structures, inflatables, exergaming products, ninja warrior courses and more.


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