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Breathe new life into your facility with fun-based interactive products. Whether your visitors are toddlers or seniors – there’s something for for everybody. We supply cost effective and innovative products that will keep you ahead of your competition.

Turbo-charge your users’ experience. Our exergaming range has been carefully selected to offer the best possible immersive experience and therefore have a positive impact on visitor numbers (both new and returning customers).

Fun Exercise

Fitness gaming (exergaming) promotes a host of health benefits including improved balance & coordination, increased circulation, better core strength, increased muscle strength, improved bone density and increased cardiovascular fitness.

Great Value

With products that start from low prices, exergames are a cost effective way to introduce new attractions into your facilities. We also offer special prices on equipment bundles.


Typically uses bright LED lights and epic sound effects to heighten the game play. Exergames will bring new visitors to your facility and guarantee you’ll get plenty of return visits.

Interactive Products for Entertainment and Fitness

Multiplay can supply a wide range of interactive games, products, activities and lighting for your facility to help engage with your customers.

It’s necessary to give your visitors a unique visitor experience with activities they can really enjoy, compete have fun with and delight their senses. If your facility is getting old and you need to give it a refresh, interactive activities or lighting could be a low cost investment, high return plan for you.


  • Do you have areas that do not get used a lot?
  • Customers aren’t returning as they have used the same equipment over and over again?
  • Does your facility needs a refresh?
We supply and install interactive products for users of different ages and into various leisure sectors, some of these include:
  • Soft Play Centres
  • Trampoline Parks
  • Bowling Centres
  • Inflatable Parks
  • Sports Facilities
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Arcades
  • Schools/Colleges/Universities
  • Residential Homes

Our Products


The first ball on the wall starts the fun-packed application. MultiBall enables you to enjoy sports fun without the need for any explanation or supervision. Simply touch the wall to reach the menu and pick your favourite game or training module. Designed for maximum durability and round-the-clock use.


iWall uses motion sensor technology to track body movements and gestures. The player’s own movements control the game and thereby create a highly immersive experience. Safe and hygienic, the iWall is becoming an increasingly popular addition to activity parks.


Obie creates an engaging gaming experience that’s sure to be a hit in your facility. By projecting high quality graphics onto floors, walls and tables, Obie turns bland spaces into a focal point of the building. Hundreds of games to choose from to suit players of all ages.


A reaction trainer light wall with a visually appealing design. The tWall utilises light pulses to elicit targeted movements and offers users fun sessions that improve reaction time, coordination and mobility. The selection of pre-programmed games appeals to all ages and ability levels. Includes tWall exercise App for Apple and Android.


Turns an ordinary climbing wall into an interactive fun zone. Simply, point the projector at the wall and enjoy the thrill of a supercharged climb. ValoClimb will motivate your visitors, encourage them to stay longer, and increase the chances of return visits.


Use ValoJump to boost your trampolining like never before. With high definition graphics and super engaging game content, the player literally jumps into the game. This system offer a fully automatic trampoline game platform with the ease of plug and play setup.


Fast install and simple-to-manage, SPREE Arena allows quick ROI due to maximum player throughput. Transform any empty space into a fully interactive VR experience zone. SPREE Arena is the ideal solution for location-based entertainment centres such as FECs and trampoline parks.


With hundreds of trails in funtastic worlds, lots of different quests, and secrets to reveal, SisyFox is the epitome of mixed reality gaming. A huge hit with kids and adults alike! Manoeuvre your way through the terrain with the giant stability ball and rack up points as you go.

iDance 2

The most advanced Machine Dance Multiplayer system on the market, iDANCE2 Multiplayer System is suitable for professional usage and for all those who want to utilise the dance game concept in the best possible way. Offers a fun and challenging group exercise dance game of both perceptive and physical skill.


The iSTEP multiplayer system is Positive Gaming’s entry level dance game. It offers players a high-quality introduction to the popular dance game iDANCE2. With 25 hit songs from the music library, as well as 25 brand new songs. Allows up to 4 players at a time in a multiplayer mode.


With runBEAT, personal fitness levels don’t matter: you can run side by side with others, while runBEAT keeps track of everyone’s progress. The avatars on the screen react immediately to the changes in the runners’ speeds, providing instant feedback.

CardioWall FreeStyle

This reaction wall is a staple in many trampoline parks and free jumping centres. Designed to test reaction speed, visual alertness, hand-eye coordination and jumping accuracy. Points are scored for every correct hit on the flashing lights. Fully customisable graphics to suit your brand.


Fun and addictive, SelfieCam adds another dimension to your leisure park. Simply scan the QR code, record your flip-clip, then share! Only the last 8 recorded clips remain on screens around the park. Perfect marketing tool that gamifies the power of social networking and video self portraits. RFID available soon.


The SkyClimb interactive climbing challenge will add real interest to your facility. No doubt your visitors will love it! Simply choose your wall and grips, set the route and watch the fun begin. Perfect for individual and pair competitions. Set players top scores to beat to add a new dimension to parties.


Ultra-competitive team dodgeball challenge. DodgeAttack is built around light-up interactive targets, your team goal is to defend your own targets and attempt to hit those of your opponents. Points are scored every time you hit a target. Agility and accuracy are key components for success.


An eye-catching feature with a high-tech feel. It is tough yet affordable – much less expensive than other interactive climbing walls on the market. It is both physically and mentally stimulating, engaging children for longer than a traditional climbing wall. Benefits agility, coordination, mental alertness, decision making and teamwork.

High 9

CardioWall High-9 for trampoline activity centres allows jumpers to test bounce control and hand speed. Styled as an LED light tower of 9 pods, built into 3 triangular mouldings. 1 player (or 2 player mode with High-9 Duo). Compete for the highest score by hitting the lights.


Interactive target game perfect for 1-on-1 duels. Test stamina, timing and accuracy as you aim to top the leaderboard. High-tech brightly lit targets flash and make dynamic sounds when hit. AeroStrike brings cage ball or shooting galleries to life. One-touch start button launches the 2-minute game. No supervision is required.


Introduce a highly interactive feature to your activity park.​ High-tech brightly lit targets flash and make exciting sounds when hit. Work as a team to hit your opponents’ light-up interactive targets while defending your own. The perfect activity for parties and group competitions. Suitable for all ages and abilities.


This versatile reaction challenge brings genuine ‘WOW’ factor to your trampoline centre. They encourage competition and provide the motivation to jump for longer periods. Jump high, low, left, right – SkyPods give you a surprisingly intense workout. Built with 5, 7 or 9 separate pods. SkyPods Duo (two sets of SkyPods).


WallRider is a great way to introduce Walk-the-Wall to new users, and adds an extra element of challenge for the regulars. Create the perfect combination of funky backing graphics and high-tech lights and sounds. Versatile 8-target system can be easily installed as a new feature or retrofitted into an existing Walk-the-Wall area.

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