Freedom Adventure Park

Freedom Adventure Park

The adventure activities needed to be designed with the core target market age range in mind (5-12 year olds). Our client wanted a unique interactive feature to truly give his Children’s Entertainment Park a differentiating factor in Cape Town.

Multiplay’s designers worked in collaboration with the client’s architect, carving out the exact space available along with the attractions that would fit. With limited space, Multiplay and the client wanted to bring as much fun, play value and variety as possible whilst also providing a competitive interactive activity.

Our client was actively involved throughout the design process adding ideas and sending across pictures of what he had wanted. Some of the final activities included:

Trampoline dodgeball area designed with children in mind. The trampolines were built slightly smaller than usual to fit the space and accommodate the younger children.
3 lane foam pit with angled trampoline, flat trampoline and a one level jump tower
Climbing wall with Freedom Activity Park logo and colours.
Interactive DodgeAttack as the only park to have this in Cape Town providing Freedom Adventure Park with a USP (unique selling point).

All trampoline beds came with the regulatory contrasting band, to highlight the safe jumping area of the bed, in a bright fluorescent pink. With black light this really stood out giving a different visual dimension to the park.

Whilst South Africa are not obligated to follow the BSI PAS 5000 regulation, the park was manufactured to this and ASTM F2970-20 standards. Safety is always a priority especially with play equipment being used by children.

Once production was finished, equipment was loaded onto pallets and shipped to Cape Town. Between this, and the arrival of equipment, Covid-19 had struck the world and it was impossible for our installers to travel.

With no end in sight for travel to resume and after lengthy conversations with our client, Multiplay had to provide a solution that would help get the activity park installed and opened using their local skilled workers.

Whilst we always provide installation plans for our experienced engineers, it was clear we needed to draw up a new comprehensive installation plan which corresponded with the labelled items on site. In a short space of time but with plenty of WhatsApp messages/pictures and video calls, all activities were installed as intended.

Our client managed to get the park inspected locally and has since opened their doors to great success. He has since remarked on the quality of equipment and how children love playing in the dodgeball court especially with the interactive game – DodgeAttack.

Freedom Park are looking to roll out more centres in the future with Multiplay as their manufacturer. Next time around we hope it will be our engineers installing them.

ASICS Regent Street

ASICS Regent Street

Multiplay had been tasked with the design and build of a unique warped wall for a special project in Regent Street, London.

The enquiry first came in via a marketing company (Ear To the Ground) that had requested the build of equipment for their client ASICS. Their design team had brainstormed and came up with a range of ideas for the event. Multiplay’s engineering team liaised with Ear to the Ground to determine what designs were possible to engineer and manufacture within the 6 week time constraint.

The event was not a typical activation that would include setting up for a period of time and then take down. ASICS were running 3 activations over 8 weeks, one Sunday every 4 weeks:

Sunday 21st July
Sunday 18th August
Sunday 15th September

The first activation was to be held after their infamous ASICS London 10k run, outside their flagship store on one of the busiest roads in London – Regent St.

Once the final idea of a double lane warped wall was decided upon, Multiplay’s manufacturing and engineering team began the task of building it. Our install team arranged a site visit to make sure there were no hidden surprises on set up day.

The warped wall had to be designed and constructed in sections, in a fashion that was easily built up and taken down at the beginning and end of each event. There was only a small window of 1.5h to put up and take down the ninja wall. Multiplay then had to store the warped wall between the event dates.

Further to the design, manufacture and install of the wall, we provided a qualified member of staff to ensure the safe operation of the wall by staff and the public.

Our client made 2 visits during the construction stage at our factory to see how the project was progressing and to check if they needed to make any changes. Their final visit was to test the warped wall in person before it was used by the public.

Multiplay’s team managed to deliver the wall on time, even with some additional changes the client wanted to make at the 11th hour – adding a bell, graphics and small tweaks.

Both Ear to the Ground and ASICS were extremely happy with the end product and the warped wall was a huge success at the event.

Move Urmston

Move Urmston

We were approached by a project manager working for one of the largest building companies in the UK. They had won the contract to build a brand new leisure centre near Manchester and were looking for a company to supply and install a range of modular climbing walls. However, this was a council project and as such certain aspects of the project were to be carried out by preferred or even mandatory suppliers. We were contacted very late into the project when the mandatory supplier dropped out of the project leaving them with a major problem.

We needed to move quickly. We were asked if we could get as close visually to the previous wall designs as possible with maybe a few small changes. This presented some problems as we needed to create similar designs from scratch. We were also asked to create a bespoke attraction using their official logo as well as a custom and unique attraction capturing a sense of the city. Site visits were conducted with our full management and engineer teams and we went into the design phase almost immediately.

With this being such a large project we worked alongside the building contractor and specifically their Project Manager, the Council team and Project Manager as well as an overall budget controller. This brought many communication headaches which we were always able to overcome through our flexibility, willingness to help and positive attitude.

With this being a Council project we were asked to walk them through manufacture step by step. We begun this by taking the Project Managers to our factories to show them where we put their attractions together. After this initial visit we documented our progress every few days with photos and videos that were sent to all. Further factory visits were made and this gave the clients a real peace of mind to see regular progress and to understand the quality of the manufacturing.

Despite incredibly tight timelines and a few logistical headaches, we were ready to arrive and begin installation on time. We had been given a very small and cramped area to install into which again, presented a number of challenges. We had to use all of our team’s expertise and creativity to put a suitable installation plan together that didn’t include cranes or other standard machinery you would expect to be used for such a construction.

Installation was completed ahead of our agreed upon completion date. We then carried out full staff training and even arranged some practice for the staff outside of opening hours. The climbing section opened alongside the rest of the leisure centre and instantly proved to be wildly popular..

Multiplay’s contribution to the project.

Manufactured and installed:

  • Modular Climbing Walls

On site build:

  • Rubber Crumb Flooring

If you’d like to know more about our work on this, or any other project, please contact us.

Injoy Southampton

Injoy Southampton

We were first contacted regarding a potential modular climbing centre in mid to late 2017. As is often the case with large scale projects they can take time to come to fruition. We stayed in close contact with our clients for over a year before finalizing initial contracts.

During this period of waiting, we looked at concept designs, pricing, layouts and operational advice. We took our clients to a number of our existing installations to show the quality of our work. Very early on, it became clear that there were more aspects involved than just modular climbing that we could help with.

We were then asked to help with trampoline designs as well as some functional aspects of the project – disabled ramps, handrails balustrades and administrative rooms. Once we were shown the plans for the building, the scale of the project became clear! We were to design for an installation into an old cinema working around a plethora of pillars, walls and concrete stages.

At this stage we brought in our full team of structural engineers, manufacturing managers, installers and safety experts. Site visits were carried out and new custom designs were created to factor in the complexity of the building. We managed to create a unique trampoline offering that covered the full space available by clever engineering the structure at different heights.

The next stage was to liaise with the main building contractors as well as a number of other companies who would be installing into the building simultaneously. The project required some large scale heavy machinery for our installation and we had to ensure the safety of all workers on site as well as clear routes to bring machinery and large pieces of equipment into the building. Space was tight and time was crucial to ensure the opening of the centre in time to capture the holiday trade.

Despite a very tight window for manufacture and installation, we were not only able to complete installation of multiple attractions on time and within budget but we also stepped in to help when other suppliers couldn’t deliver on their promises. Unsurprisingly, we are extremely proud of this project and show site.

The parts of this build that we found most satisfying were finding an engineering solution for the stepped trampoline area that would also meet the required safety standards. This, and the results of the breathtaking climbing wall zone made this installation one our stand out projects in 2019.

We subsequently went on to install the climbing walls in the Injoy Centre, Derby and still maintain a great relationship with the owners of these facilities. We look forward to assisting them in their future projects.

Multiplay’s contribution to the project.

Manufactured and installed:

  • Main Trampoline Arena
  • Toddler Trampoline Zone
  • Ninja Warrior Course
  • Jump Tower
  • Airbag (branded)
  • Modular Climbing Walls
  • Leap of Faith
  • Giant Steps
  • Giant Drop Slide

Interactive Products (Exergames):

  • CardioWall FreeStyle Duo (Light Reaction Walls)
  • High-9 (Vertical Light Reaction Challenge)
  • DodgeAttack (Interactive Dodgeball Target Game)

On site build:

  • Administrative Rooms (Briefing Rooms)
  • Wheelchair Access Ramps
  • Partitions
  • Balustrade
  • Platforms
  • Rubber Crumb Flooring (with design)

If you’d like to know more about our work on this, or any other project, please contact us.